The power of numbers

It’s often been said “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. In its presentation to the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) last week, Riverland Wine (RW) presented a number of data tables, including this one, to illustrate the power of numbers and to support AGWA’s 2nd Strategic Priority: The imperative to build high quality industry data. RW has constructed this and other tables from the annual surveys undertaken by the Phylloxera Board over the past 15 years.


Executive Officer Chris Byrne said “The five year rolling averages table illustrates at a glance, what might otherwise take many pages of text to communicate. Clearly the region’s producers have been working to manage the so called “oversupply” problem for more than a decade by restraining supply and improving the scale of vineyard operations”. He added, “It would be interesting and helpful if this sort of information could be made available for all regions across the country to highlight trends whether they are positive or negative”. Members will have the opportunity to discuss the implications of this and other such tables at the April meetings to be convened in each of the major towns during the week before Anzac Day

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