The river will prevail

The networks of waterways that make up the Basin have been etching their imprints on its landscape for more than 40 million years, through any number of climate cycles.  The nation’s first people learned to work and to live in harmony with the river for more than 40,000 years.  We’ve been learning about it and working with it for less than 200 years.  It took us more than 100 of those years to work out a Plan to balance the competing aspirations of the system, the people and more recently, the profit motive.

History would suggest that in 40 million years time the waterways will still be etching new courses through the landscape.  In the relatively short time left for us, surely it’s in all our interests to get to the bottom of these accusations, deal with them fairly but firmly and get back to business, finding ways to deliver the complete Plan within the remaining seven years.

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