Time to focus on the US wine market

Wine Australia has reported that the USA trade has said that now is the time for Australian wine exporters to re-engage with the US market.


As part of the Australian Government’s $50m Export and Regional Wine Support Package Wine Australia is focusing on the US for increased exports. At the inaugural Australian Decanted event in California from July 22 – 26, 100 key influencers heard stories about our fine wines, our stunning regions and our talented and creative winemakers. The result was a new respect for what Australia is producing.

An Aussie Wine Week will be held in the US later this year and September 2019 has been earmarked for a month long celebration of Australian Wine across the US market.

At the same time, our international wine tourism project Riverland on the Verge, also funded from the $50m package, aims to attract wine tourists from the US and China to the Riverland.

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