Creating tourism opportunities for irrigators

A new program led by Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) in partnership with Destination Riverland and Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Tourism Alliance is set to diversify the way irrigated agribusiness is conducted across the region.

The Agri Food and Tourism Development Program, funded through the Australian Government’s Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development Program, is driving initiatives to generate new revenue streams and value chain growth opportunities for irrigated agribusinesses in the Riverland and Murraylands.

The program will facilitate diversification within the region’s emerging agritourism industry by linking producers with tourism operators and industry experts. Diversification within the industry will see new and additional income streams generated for regional agribusinesses.

Stage One of the program features a series of webinars focusing on the Australian food and agritourism industry, with a showcase of South Australian case studies. A selection of industry-leading experts will be available for consultation through the program.

Irrigated agribusinesses that are interested in expanding or diversifying their current business into the tourism and food industries are encouraged to participate and can register their interest online or contact RDAMR on 8580 8500.

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