Transitioning to the next vintage

Smooth succession of  a family wine business to the next generation

Successful succession of Australian family wine businesses to the next generation is a critical issue for the sector, as well as for the individual families involved. Done well, succession can enhance family relationships and take the business to a higher level. Done poorly, it can lead to family break down and business failure.
Each year, Finlaysons, with Wine Australia and Australian Grape & Wine, visit leading viticultural regions around Australia delivering legal and commercial wine industry knowledge to winemakers and grape growers. This year they will provide insights into success factors associated with ‘smooth’ family wine business succession.
Finlaysons’ partners, Will Taylor and Nikki Owen, will provide advice on family wine business succession and common mistakes to avoid.

Wine Australia will report on the current state of the global wine industry and what the world of wine, that the next generation will inherit and operate in, might look like. Australian Grape & Wine will reflect on the industry challenges that the next generation is likely to face and how the Australian wine sector is preparing for them.

Finlaysons Wine Roadshow 30 will be in the Riverland on Monday, August 8. Registrations will open later this month. For further information, please contact Lettie Thwaites on 8235 7771 or email.

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