Transport and Roads

Primary Producers SA (PPSA) is preparing a report to the State Government identifying issues regarding transport of freight on country roads. Your input is encouraged.

Riverland Wine is seeking comments from all community members to include with the submission.


To get you thinking, the following are some suggestions already provided by wine growers from other regions:

  • Many roads that heavy vehicles travel on legally are too narrow with low hanging trees, making it difficult and unsafe.
  • Trees and native vegetation are often not trimmed enough to allow for trucks to pass easily.
  • Road designs in rural areas do not always accommodate heavy vehicles.
  • Vehicles with a gross combined mass of 42.5tonnes are extremely expensive to register.
  • More signage is needed to warn motorists of slow moving machines and heavy vehicles.
  • There are not enough safe areas for transport operators to park A-trailers near vineyards.
  • The length of time taken to repair key transport routes is often unacceptable.
  • Dangers caused by crumbling road edges.

If you have concerns about heavy transport contact Kate at Riverland Wine 8584 5816 or email

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