Unsold grapes register

A number of the more proactive growers have been in touch with the association in the past week requesting contact details of wineries that may be interested to purchase uncontracted fruit.

These calls have prompted the association to open the unsold grapes register and to begin circulating details on behalf of growers much earlier than normal.

For growers who have not used the register previously, the routine is quite simple. If you expect to have uncontracted grapes available for sale in 2015, you should call (8584 5816) or email

A simple form will be emailed to be completed and returned to the office. This will include your contact details and details of the varieties and estimated tonnes you expect to have available for sale. Riverland Wine will compile a summary of varieties and tonnes expected to be available. This summary will be updated and be emailed to all South Australian wineries that crush more than 500 tonnes per annum every week. Growers on the register will also be emailed regularly requesting updates of listings as the season progresses. Interested wineries will be invited to make contact directly and to make arrangements for the purchase of fruit with the growers on the register.

It will be each grower’s responsibility to ensure a binding contract is in place to protect the interests of all concerned. Riverland Wine will provide a “Spot Purchase” contract for growers to use at the time of registering their grapes. The first summary of fruit listed on the register will be emailed on Friday next week (November 7, 2014). Growers are asked to notify this office with their details as a priority if they have fruit to be listed on the register.


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