Urgent…Limited spaces…Filling fast

Knowledge is power, and to help growers address the challenge of the irrigation season, Riverland Wine has obtained funding from Wine Australia to hold two ‘hands-on’, practical and informative workshops.

The workshops will be held at the Loxton Research Centre on Wednesday, May 22 at 1pm and Thursday, May 23 at 9am. Registrations are filling fast and numbers are limited

With initial water allocations being set at 14%, there is no doubt it will be a challenging season for growers, requiring very careful decision making to meet those challenges.

There are additional factors to be considered which did not exist during the ‘Millennium Drought’. Among them is water which was relinquished by irrigators and returned to the environment and increased irrigated crop areas throughout the Murray-Darling Basin, and thus increased water demand.

The help provide the best in-depth information available to for growers’ water management decisions presenters will include:

  • Aither – who will have specialists attending to work closely with the participants;
  • Andrew Weeks who will provide Aither with examples of “real-life” costs of production to assist the economic decisions; and
  • Dr Everard Edwards from the CSIRO.

The workshops will run for approximately 4 hours, numbers are limited and only one person per organisation is able to apply. To register your attendance please email Kate or phone 0456 845 817, 8584 5816.

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