Useful industry stats

Much of the feedback following a Tuesday radio interview was about the usefulness of industry stats. We tend to show these to one another but oftentimes don’t blow our own trumpet. Some say we need to shrug off the ‘Riverland Cringe’ and proclaim more proudly what the region’s winegrowers and winemakers do for the industry. A picture tells a thousand stories as they say, so here are a few pictures of stats.

While you are examining the graphs, think about this:

A tonne of grapes will produce roughly 80 dozen cases of wine; that’s 960 bottles. If a winery pays $350 per tonne for those grapes, that’s less than 37 cents paid to the grower for the wine. Then ponder whether that’s truly sustainable? (see graph above)

Flat-lining like this in the face of inevitable rising costs is not sustainable for Riverland growers or winemakers.

If wine production is not sustainable in the Riverland, where will the critical mass come from to produce the R&D and competitiveness necessary to succeed in global markets?

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