Vinehealth Australia PQS Review

South Australia’s enviable phylloxera-free status is in part due to a set of conditions that outline entry requirements for grapes, grape products, machinery, equipment, grapevine material and vineyard soil that could carry phylloxera into the state.  These conditions form part of a document called ‘South Australia’s Plant Quarantine Standard (PQS)’.

 In the heightened biosecurity landscape in which we operate, it is timely that as an industry, the range of potential entry pathways for phylloxera into South Australia is reviewed and whether the current entry conditions detailed in the PQS for these pathways are adequate.

Vinehealth Australia has completed a comprehensive review of the conditions relating to phylloxera in the PQS and is seeking industry feedback on proposed changes.  Further detail on this review and consultation process can be found on the Vinehealth Australia website.

Part of this consultation process will include a meeting with Riverland Wine and the viticulture committee to discuss proposed changes to the PQS.

If you have any questions about the review of South Australia’s PQS or associated consultation process, phone Vinehealth Australia on (08) 8273 0550 or email.

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