Vineyard of the year Awards

For too long, winemakers have received all the adulation for the quality of the wines we drink. They deserve much of that acclaim, of course but let us face it… it is in the vineyard, among the canes and tendrils and sun and mud, and in the hands of the viticulturist/grower, that the real magic happens. It is time we celebrated that. 

Welcome to the Vineyard of the Year Awards an initiative of the Young Gun of Wine. 

The awards aim to place vineyards across the nation at the heart of the Australian wine story – and the Australian wine community – reconnecting wine to the place it comes from and the way in which the grapes are grown. 

A vineyard is finely attuned to its environment and can be viewed as a ‘canary in the coalmine’ in a changing climate.  Vineyards are also linked to the people who farm them and are the first link in the long chain of wine production, therefore they have social and economic impact too.  

As well as celebrating our best vineyards and the people who tend them, these awards are an opportunity to lead change and innovation in the industry and grow the consciousness of consumers. 

There are four awards: vineyard innovation, highlighting novel approaches to farming grapes; new vineyard of the year, recognising a young vineyard (less than ten years old); old vineyard of the year, given to an established site (more than 35 years old); and vineyard of the year, for the most outstanding entry. 

Entries for the awards are now open and close October 22, 2020. For further information visit the website

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