VinSites is coming…next week!

Riverland Wine has been working closely with Wine Australia to improve members’ access to essential information and data about grapes and wine, particularly production data to help manage risk and make decisions about future opportunities.  Above all, it is important for all wine growers and winemakers to have timely knowledge of volumes and values, by variety and by region and in due course, to connect that information to the marketplace; where the grapes and wine finish up domestically or internationally and at what value.  Wine Australia has been listening…

As has been reported several times already, this region has been selected as one of just two regions across the country to trial this new reporting system known as VinSites.  Within the next week, every winegrower and wine producer across the region will receive a communiqué from Wine Australia with details of what will be needed to ensure success.

Currently, the wine sector has access to many disparate data repositories, all with slightly different content or out-of-date information. VinSites will provide an accurate single source of truth for all wine producers to access. No more unreliable or unconfirmed data. The information entered will come straight from the user, in as much or as little detail as they choose. The user can choose who sees what: what the public sees what other growers see and what Wine Australia can see.
The information will give grape and wine producers an insight into their position in the sector but the value they get out of VinSites will only be as good as the details they enter.  All members are urged to read information carefully and be sure to follow directions and to communicate any concerns or problems to Wine Australia.  Further information is available on the wine Australia website.

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