Getting ready for vintage

SAWIA will holding ‘Getting Ready for Vintage’ briefings which have been tailored to assist wine industry employers across Australia in preparation for the 2021 vintage season.

Obligations and requirements under the new Wine Industry Award 2020, how to best manage employment costs and make smarter staffing and rostering decisions, and obligations when engaging contractors and working holiday makers will be discussed.

Having a detailed understanding of the new award will enable a business to make smarter staffing and rostering decisions, which are more cost-effective. This includes understanding the potential benefits of shift work, when overtime is payable, maximum ordinary hours in a day, casual versus permanent employees, and the benefits and risks of piecework arrangements.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to roster and engage employees in the most cost-effective way during vintage?
  • How to ensure that employees are being paid correctly during vintage?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that migrant workers, including backpackers have a legal right to work in Australia?
  • When contractors can be used, how much do you need to pay and whether they need to have a labour hire licence?

The briefings, available to SAWIA Members will be held face-to-face and online in December, are suitable for managers, front line managers, supervisors, payroll and administration staff.

To check your membership of SAWIA or for more information on these sessions please visit the SAWIA website here.

Acknowledgement: South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA)

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