VitiVisor Dashboard

As the three-year Hands-off Hectares project approaches the end of its first year, development of the VitiVisor Dashboard is well underway.

VitiVisor is a digital platform which will collect information from the vineyard via cameras and sensors which will be analysed to assess vineyard performance, offering co-ordinated advice on management practices such as irrigation, pruning, fertiliser, fungicide and pesticide applications.

Recently, the project entered into an agreement with PIRSA/SARDI to use two viticulture trial sites (shiraz and chardonnay) at the Loxton Research Centre (LRC) to undertake research its activities.

Remote sensing devices – soil probes and sap flow sensors – installed in the sites have been connected via the LoRaWAN gateway installed on the LRC as a data stream to the VitiVisor Dashboard. Additionally, an irrigation scheduling system GreenBrain from MEA has been installed, to illustrate and test the connectivity between growers existing systems and VitiVisor.

The central idea is that the LRC is the baseline site for experimentation and demonstration of the project, that will be complemented by a range of Riverland wine grape growers who will be Support Sites, providing a differing reality of the systems they use for wine grape production.

The project is a collaboration between the Wine Australia, Riverland Wine and the University of Adelaide. To learn more please contact Brad Nott by email or phone 0417 866 424.

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