Waiting, waiting… waiting…

On the other hand, if you are tied down by a supply contract without the flexibility to try new models, you’re probably still stuck in the waiting room; waiting for the annual tales of woe! Waiting rooms are interesting places… always lots of mutterings.

Louie the fly’s been buzzing around in lots of said rooms lately, listening in. He reported just this week… more of the same old, same old….


“Good eh… Riverland grapes and wine are in balance!”

“How’s your crop lookin?”

“Got enough water?”

“Gunna buy any?”

“Got a home for everything?”

“Done all ya sprays?”

“Done all ya diaries?”

“Whadayareckon about the exchange rate… weird eh, getting less now than when it was at $1.10!”

“What about the Trusts… they’re gunna lock water meters if ya’ haven’t paid on time!”

“Any idea what you need to do to get a Producers Licence to get the 29% tax payer freebie?”

“Nup… might as well find out though. 29% would make a helluva difference.”

“What about the clowns in Canberra… reckoned the WET reforms would be done by harvest!”

“Reckon we’ll get 30 cents in the bottle this year? Not much is it… out of a whole bottle of wine!”

“Crikey… imagine how bad it would be, but for the Australian Wine Industry Code of Conduct!”

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