Water allocation information made easier

Minister Hunter’s recent announcement that water allocations would increase dramatically from 52% of entitlement to 89% was greeted with a massive, collective sigh of relief by all irrigators and most others in the community who understand how much irrigators do for the region’s community.

At times it seems the bureaucrats and politicians don’t quite get it.  In fairness, since the unbundling of irrigation entitlements (from land), back in 2009 and the complex business rules that now seek to govern the distribution of the Basin’s most critical resource, the interpretation of allocations, flows, storages and entitlements confounds even the most experienced irrigators.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources has prepared a detailed explanation of the factors that must be considered when calculating irrigator’s entitlements. It’s worth having a look to see the details and several diagrams that help unravel some of the complexities. If you cannot access it, but would like a copy of the document contact Kate by phone 8584 5816 or email.


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