Water workshop a success

Riverland Wine recently organised and delivered a third round of the very successful water workshop, on behalf of CCW.

The workshops were conceived to deliver the best, and latest, information to help growers deal with the challenges of water restrictions and availability. It is not easy to work out the best and most economic strategies to ensure you have adequate water to produce a viable crop. Best strategies depend upon a multitude of factors: water price; grape variety; yields; level of restriction; grape price; and future outlook are a few of the factors to be considered. It is extremely difficult to get it right, especially when many of the factors are unknown and you need a crystal ball to try and work out the future,

Nonetheless, around 120 growers were given the best information available from independent water policy experts, Aither. CSIRO scientist Everard Edwards provided insights on ways to get the best yield out of the water available, while Andrew Weeks and Ian Macrae presented some excellent financial modelling to assist in making the difficult decisions.

All of the material presented at the forum is available online.

Feedback following the workshop was unanimously positive. This is very pleasing, but also an indication that those who attended found the information on-target and valuable.

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