Water Workshops Hit the Mark

Recognising the challenges water restrictions will present to the region, Riverland Wine recently ran two water workshops to assist growers in making the best decisions for their businesses in dealing with the upcoming restrictions.

These unique and specially structured workshops were designed to provide the best available information and tools to guide growers through the process of developing their strategies in dealing with water restrictions. The aim was to help them navigate the difficult paths to best ensure that the most profitable outcomes were achieved. These paths are unique to every business and can be extremely confusing, with a wide range of options available.

If there is one thing that we have all learnt from the ‘millennium drought’ it is that many management strategies proposed last time were plain wrong and that failing to identify the best option for the business can be very costly. None of us want to repeat that experience.

There is a bewildering number of options and much of the ‘advice’ circulating is far from helpful. With that in mind, the workshops aimed to clearly explain the various alternatives so that the attendees could ‘mix and match’ to get the best solutions for their own situation.

The presentations covered all the important areas needed to make good decisions. The water policy specialists, Aither provided practical insights into water availability, policy and trading as well as the financial implications of the different strategies available. Dr Everard Edwards from the CSIRO outlined irrigation management options to “make the most of every drop”, while Andrew Weeks presented and supplied a financial spreadsheet to use to help ensure that the best financial options were identified.

These workshops were carefully designed and involved the best people in their fields and were given extremely high praise by all those attending. The only question for those who did not attend, is “Why not?”.


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