We asked and you told us

At our recent round of Members Meetings we asked everyone to complete a Member Survey to tell us about the sorts of services they need from Riverland Wine and how they would like to get information from us.  We also asked people to respond to the survey via email, in case they couldn’t get to a meeting but still wanted to have their say. Here’s what we found out.

Looking at the responses overall, two themes that emerged were concerns about water and a desire for more viticulture information.

On a topic by topic basis, here is what else we were told.

Most people were pleased with the 2018 vintage and feel optimistic about the future of the wine industry in the Riverland. The reasons for this optimism included increasing demand and export potential and the positive outlook for prices.

The major challenges grape growers said they faced were issues relating to water, followed by electricity costs and the cost of production generally.  People were also concerned about the weather and climate change. Whilst there is optimism about the future, people still said grape prices continue to be a challenge as are markets, both domestic and export.

Amongst wine makers who responded to the survey a range of challenges were raised , including the cost of production, difficulties in processing fruit to maximise quality, finding and sustaining markets and the logistics of winemaking. There was no clear majority view on the biggest challenges.

In order of importance, people said the services they needed from Riverland Wine were representation, marketing and promotion, general wine industry news and news about local issues. The top four topics people wanted information about were viticulture, irrigation, technology and market information or opportunities.

We asked people what sort of training they would be most likely to attend and the top three topics of interest were modern technology, developments in viticulture and developments in irrigation methods. The next most interesting training topics were financial management, integrated pest management, and work safety.

We wanted to know how you prefer us to communicate with you and the vast majority said they prefer to receive information via our e-flyer or email with meetings and forums being the next preference.

People said they find the market update information useful and would like to receive a written summary report.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Member Survey. Your ideas and preferences will help us to structure our future work program and the way we communicate with you to meet your needs as best we can.

While many people said they were happy with Riverland Wine we are always open to suggestions about how we can improve our services to our members.

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