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This week, members of Riverland Wine, will receive in the mail a package consisting of two letters. One is from Chris Byrne of Riverland Wine, and the other is from Inca Lee of Vinehealth Australia. Both relate to the same thing – the building of a membership database to better serve the membership – you.

Riverland Wine is undertaking the ambitious task of building a database of our vast membership from the ground up. This will require each of our almost 1,000 members opting in voluntarily to provide their business details, which are held securely by Vinehealth Australia in the Vineyard Register.

Capturing this information will positively change the status quo for all in the Riverland region as currently there is no systematic way for Riverland Wine as an organisation to understand who our members are, or to communicate with them.

Riverland Wine’s motivation is pure and twofold:

  • To better serve our membership; and
  • To better manage the collective resources of the region, paid by the members through their contribution to the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 (SA).

As the face of the Riverland wine industry, and its membership organisation, Riverland Wine strives to successfully advocate and deliver a wide range of services for winemakers and grapegrowers who contribute to the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 (SA) (Scheme).

With a comprehensive database we will be better able to:

  • Understand the membership and its challenges and views;
  • Represent you, our membership;
  • Deliver leadership on behalf of the members;
  • Provide services and advocacy for the members;
  • Manage our collective resources;
  • Build Brand Riverland for the benefit of all; and
  • Communicate with the collective to foster a more prosperous and resilient Riverland grape and wine community.

The letter from Riverland Wine provides details on the project, and the letter along with a consent form from Vinehealth Australia is a request for permission to provide information, that is held securely on its Vineyard Register, to Riverland Wine.

There is no obligation to consent to this disclosure of information however Riverland Wine encourages you to take part. Riverland Wine will store all provided information securely in the membership system and manage it in accordance with their Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact Riverland Wine.

We encourage everyone to fill in the form and provide your permission so that the Riverland can join together to build a stronger future. 

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