WGCSA at Banrock

Riverland wine growers will recall that the State Council ran a very successful Outlook Conference at Adelaide Oval in late June. More than 30 Riverland members made the journey to Adelaide. Many others would like to have attended but could not afford a full day away from work.
Peter Hackworth, executive officer for the State Council has agreed to assist Riverland Wine with a ‘highlights version’ of the presentation. Members are invited to attend this free presentation at Banrock Station from 2.30pm Friday, August 22, and to sample some outstanding Riverland wines at the conclusion of the presentations.

The purpose of repeating this presentation is to provide Riverland growers with the latest information about supply and demand – to help them be better informed about trends and future probabilities.

Peter Hackworth said the State Council will be pleased to re-run Peter Bailey’s presentation covering 16,000 different wine products that were produced in Australia last year for export markets with the Asia Pacific being the region where wine sales have grown most strongly in the past five years.

Shane Tremble, head of corporate development for Woolworths Liquor Group presented very compelling evidence of the need for retailers to develop closer relationships with growers in order to meet the demand to constantly refresh their range. He noted that all the growth in bottled red and white wine sales in the last four years has come from innovation and new products. He also informed the gathering that 55 per cent of red wine customers were women while 68 per cent of white wine customers are also women.

If you are interested to attend you must contact Kate by phone 8584 5816 or email. The presentation will only proceed if at least 20 expressions of interest are received on or before August 15.


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