WGCSA Roadshow

As previously reported, the Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA) Roadshow will be held at the Loxton Research Centre on Friday, April 27.


Councillors from other regions will have the opportunity to meet with growers across the State to hear ‘first hand’ from Riverland growers on matters of concern or interest.

Members will be consulted on the future of the voluntary contributions, proposed changes to the levy structure and overall sustainability of WGCSA as the State representational body.

Presentations from SAWIA, Vinehealth Australia, AWRI and Australian Vignerons are also included on the agenda.

WGCSA Chair, Heather Webster said, “These roadshows are a great opportunity to connect and share what is happening and plan the best way forward for SA grape growers, especially in our changing political climate”

A full program is available on the WGCSA website. 
The Roadshow is a free event for WGCSA members and will run from 1pm to 5pm. Cocktail food and refreshments provided at the conclusion of the session.

A MEA Weather Station is on offer as a door prize for all participants who register prior to the event. People wanting to attend can register on the WGCSA website.


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