WGCSA visits the Riverland

The Wine Grape Council of South Australia’s (WGCSA) held a Grape Grower Roadshow at the Loxton Research Centre on Friday, April 27. The hot topic for the afternoon was a presentation and vote on a proposed new funding model that would result in a more equitable contribution by Riverland growers, compared to the other wine regions across the State.

This was followed by presentations from a range of industry bodies on relevant topics.

A highlight was important information from Vinehealth Australia about the current biosecurity landscape, including advice about new threats from pests and viruses, the risks associated with globalisation, tourism and mobile contractors and the things growers can do to manage those risks. For more information visit the Vinehealth Australia website (vinehealth.com.au).

The Australian Wine Research Institute also gave a snapshot of its current research agenda and Wine Australia advised that globally, Australian wine sales are increasing and wine going out with Riverland on the label is up by 149%. Overall the outlook for 2018 is good. There is growing demand for Australian wine and international supply is likely to stay down.

The Grape Grower Roadshow will now travel around the State to other wine regions and WCGSA members will be advised the outcome of the vote on the proposed new funding model when a final decision is made.

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