Whistling Kite

 The feedback from the London showing of Pam and Tony Barich’s Montepulciano was incredible. Pam said “Some great feedback was received on the Monti, even better was the exposure that Australian wines received through the event. One attendee commented after tasting our wine and pointing to the Whistling Kite Monti, “Who KNEW the Riverland was producing wines like that?” then an expansive gesture to the room, “Who KNEW that Australia was doing wines like this?”.”  

All in all a lot of positive feedback was received throughout the day. It was great to draw attention to so many Australian wines. The great news for the Riverland was that many of the key influencers in the global wine community commented they had historically associated the Riverland with bulk wine, but the wines on show from the area had proven that common misconception is slowly being eradicated.

Thanks Pam and Tony from the entire Riverland grape and wine community!

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