WHS tips

The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has created a series of handy Work Health & Safety tips for wineries and growers.


  • Isolated workers are vulnerable to harm as they may be unable to access help when needed. Identify ways of staying in touch such as regular telephone or radio contact, visits or a duress alarm and have escalation steps in place where a worker cannot be contacted.
  • Entry into a confined space is a dangerous task. Only allow trained and competent workers to enter and have relevant rescue equipment on hand.
  • Park tractors on level ground when attaching implements to limit the risk of injury.
  • Drain hydraulic lines before attaching/detaching tractor implements to make the job easier.
  • Regularly maintain the PTO shaft on tractor implements to reduce the likelihood of back and shoulder injuries.
  • Have a good rest before operating grape harvesters to limit fatigue-related accidents.
  • Don’t allow workers to stand on top of grape harvesters while in use to limit the risk of falls and entanglement.
  • Mix spray chemicals only by following the manufacturer’s directions and while wearing the correct personal protective equipment to limit harm risks from unintended exposure.
  • Be mindful of wind conditions when spraying pesticides to ensure that they are used efficiently and to limit harm risks from unintended exposure.

For more information, contact SAWIA phone 8222 9277 or email admin@winesa.asn.au

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