Wine Australia launches the ‘Wine Flavours Card’

 A new ‘Wine Flavours Card’ has been released by Wine Australia, and wine businesses are encouraged to register their interest to receive a free copy.

The Australian Wine Flavours Card is a tool, based on research conducted by the University of South Australia, and aims to help Chinese wine drinkers better understand Western wine terminology describing tastes and aromas.

Andreas Clark, Wine Australia chief executive officer, said the Australian Wine Flavours Card presents an exciting opportunity for the Australian wine community to better engage with their Chinese customers.

The card links Australian wine descriptors with an equivalent taste identified by Chinese consumers and will assist cellar doors, or any place where wine businesses guide Chinese consumers through the tasting process, to engage more effectively with Chinese customers. In allowing these businesses to talk about their wines in a more relevant way to Chinese customers, it will make drinking our wines even more enjoyable. Register your interest for a free copy of the Australian Wine Flavours Card. 

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