Wine Australia Register

Good news from Wine Australia this week. Following requests from Wine Australia, the Department of Agriculture has agreed to establish a levy payer register for the Australian grape and wine sector.

This new levy payer register will allow Wine Australia to more effectively engage and communicate with grapegrowers and wine producers, ensuring that the Australian grape and wine sector derives maximum benefit from the levies it pays.

The register will make it easier to connect with levy payers so that they can have a greater opportunity to contribute to strategy, adopt the knowledge and tools generated by research and development, and learn about Wine Australia’s activities.

This change means that wine processors who submit a return for the Grape Research Levy will now pass on growers’ details in addition to the information previously provided.

The new strategic plan will soon be developed. This concession on the part of the Department will make it easier for Riverland growers and winemakers to participate in planning strategies and operating plans especially around Extension and Adoption programs.

Further information about levy payer registers is available on the Department of Agriculture website.

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