Women – Stepping into Leadership

Ag Excellence Alliance and Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) have collaborated in the search for South Australian women in agriculture and agribusiness who want to make a difference as leaders in the sphere of primary production. A program has been compiled that aims to develop and encourage women to take on leadership and coaching roles in regional communities and particularly in representative organisations.

It is often the case that ‘farming system’ associations and/or groups report poor success of committees and boards. Quite often this is a direct result of poor leadership and governance training for committee members and staff. This leads to a lack of confidence and reluctance to take on leadership roles due to a variety of reasons such as:

• Self assessment and thinking their skills are inadequate or that they don’t have the potential to lead

• Assuming they don’t and couldn’t understand governance and legal liabilities

• Being concerned they don’t have enough knowledge of their ‘representative’ organisation(s)

• Being nervous about public speaking or making presentations

• Worrying about time commitments

The program is designed to build the capacity of ‘farming system’ groups and organisations by delivering training aimed at supporting members who are prepared to ‘have a go’ at the leadership roles, leading to stronger and more effective representative groups and ultimately enabling long-term succession planning to occur.

An open invitation is offered for women in agriculture to participate. The program will encourage and assist emerging leaders in industry, community or business to develop skills that will enhance their confidence and leadership potential. The workshop program will be extended with ongoing support being provided through individual coaching, mentoring and webinars. Facilitators Jeanette Long and Sharon Honner from Ag Consulting Co will be leading the two day program to be delivered in Adelaide on Wednesday and Thursday, September 23 and 24.

Besides leadership qualities, other topics will include: understanding personality preferences, building self-confidence, dealing with conflict, leadership branding, developing a professional CV and networking.

The PIRSA funded program also includes: one-on-one coaching sessions; three on-line or teleconference discussion groups; mentoring program participation; and a one-day workshop and a further networking event in June 2016.

If you’re interested, or if you would like to nominate a woman you know who could be a good leader, don’t delay. Expressions of interest will close on August 28 and successful applicants will be notified shortly thereafter.

More information is available on the Ag Excellence Alliance website http://agex.org.au/ or by contacting Sharon Honner on 0438 322 254 or email sharon@agconsulting.com.au

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