Women Who Wine: Val Bassham

Flashy or pretentious are certainly not words that describe Val Bassham, this month’s Riverland ‘Women who Wine’ inductee. In fact unassuming and quietly determined are much more suitable descriptors. Spend any time with Val Bassham, from Bassham Wines and you certainly get sense of calm and inner strength from this amazing Riverland lady.

Val has lived on a wine grape property all of her life, after moving to the Riverland with her parents when she was just 3 years old. These days Val along with her husband Bruce are wine entrepreneurs, with a business in organically grown, alternate variety wines. Whist Val describes her role in the business as ‘just doing the bookwork and general business duties’, Bruce is quick to point out how their enterprise relies heavily on Val, ‘I have the ideas, and Val makes sure they happen’ says Bruce.

‘Clean and green’ is important to Val, who after a battle with breast cancer in 2004 saw the Bassham family commit to a chemical free lifestyle. Their vineyard grows under certified organic conditions and Val is passionate about providing quality, healthy products. Val is proud to call the Riverland her home, and regardless of the challenges faced in the wine industry, appreciates the rich and fulfilling lifestyle it has provided. Keys to success according to Val are not shying away from a challenge or hard work, and being prepared to give anything a go. Val Bassham, we raise our glass to you, and are proud you are one of our very special Riverland ‘Women who Wine’.


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