WoodShield environmentally friendly trellis

As if he doesn’t have enough to do already, Adam Barich is also the local Riverland contact for WoodShield trellis posts; you might like to chat to Adam on Saturday and see some of the trellis in situ.   Alternatively call Adam on 0421 384 658.

WoodShield timber posts feature a simple yet revolutionary protection system completely free of chemicals, and have been specifically created for use in the viticulture, aquaculture, equine and general agricultural industries.

WoodShield are purchasing recycled dripper tube/irrigation pipe and rejuvenating it on vineyard trellis posts. Polymer hose is being recycled by encasing untreated timber posts, making them sustainable along with eliminating problems with rot, rust, chemicals and disposal. The plastic coating makes the posts more resilient to harsh climatic conditions and pests and also to bending, warping and splitting.

Whistling Kites Wines, known for its perspective on the environment and its biodynamic agriculture practices around the Riverland for over 40 years. Tony, Pam and Adam Barich, from Whistling Kite Wines near Loxton, have been using the WoodShield trellis post on their vineyard for around 10 years.

Be part of the solution and utilise recycled plastic – long lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

To learn more about WoodShield visit the website or contact Adam 0421 384 658 or Ashley 0418 322 953


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