Work Health & Safety Tips

The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has created a series of handy Work Health & Safety tips for wineries, which we will share over the coming weeks.


  • Do you consult with your workers about health and safety matters? This is a legal requirement that includes sharing information and exchanging views when proposing changes that may affect workers.
  • Consultation is effective for creating a positive team culture. It offers workers an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process and helps control risks to their health and safety.
  • It’s important to tell ReturnToWorkSA about work-related injuries quickly, so an injured worker can get help to recover and stay at work or return to work as quickly as possible.
  • WHS laws identify contractors as workers so wine businesses have a duty to protect them. Consult them on WHS arrangements, such as incident reporting, emergency response and site safety rules to help protect them.
  • Take care this vintage when loading and moving grapes. It is important that bins are not overloaded. Grapes spilling off the back of vehicles can make our roads slippery and dangerous for other motorists.
  • When scheduling the delivery of grapes, make sure enough time is allocated for unloading to limit the risk of harm caused by fatigue.


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