Working as one

This column has often encouraged all growers of all crops across the region to work together on common issues. Some readers will recall Riverland Wine initiated the Water Group some 12 months ago to focus on water related topics. In listening to concerns from all the commodities it reinforces the view that we can achieve much more if we pull together. But more than just having meetings, the group have contributed dollars to enable professionals to assist in writing submissions on difficult policy matters. In the first instance, Auricht Projects have been engaged to draft a regional response to the Interim Report into Water Markets being conducted by the ACCC. 

Last week, representatives from citrus, summer-fruits, almonds, avocados, SAMI, CIT and RIT joined grape growers in a meeting with local political rep’s Tim Whetstone MP, Tony Pasin MP and Nicola Centofanti MLC to review that draft.  

The deadline for submissions to the ACCC has been extended to October 30 with the Final Report now not due until the end of February 2021, too late for any meaningful policy changes during this irrigation year. Read on below to appreciate the difficulties the ACCC is having in preparing the Final Report and see the invitation to all irrigators to make individual responses. 

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