Key projects

Hands Off Ha’s / Vitivisor

In summary, Hands Off Ha’s / Vitivisor  is three year research project funded by Wine Australia, University of Adelaide and Riverland Wine focusing on lowering the cost of production for Riverland winegrape growers. 

The core of the information, prediction and advisory platform will be the digitisation, organisation and visualisation of an unprecedented range of data related to all aspects of vineyard function. Key data streams are illustrated in the project schematic attached  and are divided into four categories:

  • Vineyard outcomes (e.g. gross margins/profitability, yield, quality measures, sustainability measures), representing the outcomes likely to be of most interest to growers
  • Grower decisions/management actions (e.g. irrigation management, water trading, disease management, canopy management), representing ‘levers’ available to growers to modify vineyard outcomes;
  • Within-season measures of vineyard development (e.g. canopy development, soil status, infrastructure performance), representing information streams that are used to inform grower decisions/management actions, and are indicators for end-of-season outcomes;
  • External factors (e.g. weather/climate, water, market factors and energy prices), representing factors with a material impact on vineyard outcomes over which growers do not have control.

Several new data streams also will be incorporated, including vision data of vine development throughout the growing season and the systematisation of financial data acquisition and integration. Where possible the platform will rely on integration of existing data streams, and a focus on ‘incidental capture’ and other methods for reducing costs of data acquisition.

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