Growers Wine Group is a business consortium of local Riverland wine growers. 

The winery is strategically positioned on the eastern perimeter in the key grape growing region of the Riverland, South Australia.

We have over 2000 hectares of planted vines all within 30 kms of the winery.

Growers Wine Group provides every step of the Winemaking process from crush and ferment through to wine ready for bottling, including pre-vintage grape analysis, laboratory services and wine management for both domestic and international wine sales.

  • Specialised processing from fruit to wine.
  • Assurance of service and attention to detail.
  • State of the art facilities.
  • South Australian supply to domestic and international clients.
  • Established growers base with access to largest privately owned vineyards in the South Australia.
  • Specialised export team.
  • Global management to ship direct.

The winery’s Chief Executive Officer, Shane Clohesy has 40+ years’ experience in wine production and management, including senior positions in bulk wine to bottling facilities. He is backed by a strong, passionate Winemaking team, along with other key winery staff. The team at Growers Wine Group are a young and enthusiastic company and are committed to producing the best wines possible using locally sourced grapes.

Our yearly crush is approximately 55,000 – 62,000 tonnes or 40 to 45 million litres. We are committed to the quality and consistency of our wine product and therefore won’t compromise by trying to be the largest in the region.

Currently we export to United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA, New Zealand, China and Japan.

Environmental Commitment

1600 acres of heritage listed scrub.

700 acres of new plantation and existing scrub land which is de-stocked and returned to natural status.

300 acre wetland which is flooded and dried to simulate floods and revegetation on wetlands.

We have a 300 acre fenced area to protect the breeding ground of the Regent Parrot. This area has a weed and pest management in plan with strictly no vehicle movement or stock as the birds won’t breed around any movement – they also only breed within 10km of the river.

Opening Hours

10am – 5pm Monday to Friday

11am – 4pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Good Friday, Christmas Day  


271 Bookmark Ave,
South Australia 5341


+61 885 410 800

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